A Conversation: All client relationships begin with a general conversation about your situation. Here we learn about your goals, objectives, needs and expectations, while at the same time, you learn about our beliefs, values and approach. This conversation is a high-level overview that generates an exchange of information and ideas. This conversation is a mutually beneficial opportunity for us to get to know one another, explore common objectives and exchange information and ideas.

Decision Point: At the end of the initial conversation, a mutual decision is made: Does it make sense to engage in a more detailed conversation? We understand that we are not right for everyone and everyone is not right for us. If each party sees respective value from the other, we proceed. If not, we part as friends and look forward to the potential of assisting you in the future.

Detailed Review: Working together, we will gather more detailed information and assemble some initial ideas and direction. This may include a review of current asset allocation, stock and bond analysis, income tax overview, cash flow expectations and understanding of your ability to take risk versus your need to take risk. This process can take several meetings and interactions to develop.

Outline of Plan: Once we understand your situation, desired direction and expectations, we will outline a specific course of action that we believe is appropriate for your circumstances. This individualized strategy will include analysis, recommendations and implementation details.



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